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Hire Swift developers who are high-skilled experts and will create mobile applications that align with the goals of your enterprise and witness exponential growth. Zazz’s team of experienced and adept Swift developers will never disappoint you. They know the ins and outs of every Apple device and employ their knowledge and expertise of Swift to build highly scalable apps.

Why Select App Development With Swift

Swift is Apple's most popular object-oriented programming language, built by highly competent professionals to give iOS app developers maximum power and speed while simultaneously ensuring the most pleasing mobile app experience for iOS devices.

Zazz is an innovative Swift app development firm based in the USA that provides cutting-edge mobile app development services for iPhones and other iOS devices. We have an excellent track record of creating powerful iOS apps.

The Business Benefits of Swift App Development

Within a few years, Swift has rapidly risen the ranks to become a trusted technology among many developers and enterprises. In fact, the world’s leading companies such as Tinder, Microsoft, Walmart, and Postmanse all utilize Swift to develop their applications. You should hire Swift programmers for your next project because of the following benefits:

  • • Rapid Development

    Swift provides software developers with LLVM tools, a suite of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies, to help them create apps quickly. ​​These tools convert assembly code to machine code, which allows for quicker code processing. In fact, Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and up to 8.4 times faster than Python.

  • • Interoperability

    Swift can work seamlessly with Objective-C and Cocoa frameworks. As a result, software developers can use Objective-C in Swift and Swift in Objective-C interchangeably. This compatibility is especially beneficial for large, long-term projects in which software developers can combine the most outstanding features of both languages into a single project.

  • • Greater Performance

    Users do not want to engage with a broken app or one that freezes and glitches, which is why the app uninstallation rate is so high, and businesses must avoid it. Swift 5's API stability makes it easier for apps to behave and function effectively.

  • • Easy to Maintain

    Swift's syntax and grammar are clean and expressive. Objective-C, however, is far more difficult to read and write. In Swift, developers need to write less code to accomplish the same tasks. Since there are fewer errors in the code, it results in quicker coding, better problem solving, and easier maintenance. Therefore, when you hire Swift developers, you can have peace of mind that your app will be made in less time because the developers won’t have to write a lot of code.

  • • Safe and Secure

    Swift can be used to create safe and secure mobile apps for companies and startups. Security is, without a doubt, a priority for developers. The Swift language's structure and grammar can solve the problems that Objective-C causes.

The Zazz Development Methodology

Across industry verticals, we've produced result-driven Swift app development solutions that have assisted our clients in achieving their digital objectives. We deliver quality at every stage, whether business analysis, UI/UX design or development. So hire our Swift developers and see the difference.

  1. 1. Consultation and Requirement Specification

    Our iOS app development services are renowned in the industry because we prioritize understanding our clients and their vision. Therefore, before beginning the process, we arrange a meeting between you and our highly skilled team of project managers, developers, and designers. Hence, they obtain a clear insight into your business objectives and can proceed accordingly.

  2. 2. Wireframing and UI/UX Design

    Once we are on the same page and you hire Swift developers from us, we begin to create the framework after understanding the client's requirements. This is also where we brainstorm, mindmap, and formulate a strategy before proceeding to the developmental stage. Of course, we want our applications to offer an excellent user experience; that’s why we pay attention to every detail.

  3. 3. Architecture and Database Design

    Our solution architects use the best techniques and patterns in the industry to create superior database design and app architecture that captures the true essence of your business needs.

  4. 4. App Development

    Our skilled developers adhere to the best custom Swift app development practices based on Human Interface Guidelines, giving your app a distinct competitive advantage.

  5. 5. Testing and Quality Assurance

    After the app has been developed, our quality assurance team will extensively test its responsiveness, scalability, resource utilization, and stability to industry standards. We believe it’s an essential step in ensuring that we uphold our commitment to provide only the highest-quality applications to our clients.

  6. 6. Launch and Deployment

    Once the final app fulfills your expectations, Zazz deploys it according to your launch strategy, ready for your consumers to enjoy. You can also rely on us to release updates and fix any developmental concerns.

Our Swift App Development Services

To avail of the best Swift app development services, hire Swift developers from Zazz. Our end-to-end services include-

Custom Enterprise Swift App Development

Swift's flexible features can help any organization improve its efficiency and operations. To get dynamic, feature-rich, scalable enterprise applications tailored to your business needs, hire Swift developers from Zazz.

Swift App Optimization

Get comprehensive answers to all of your Swift app-related concerns. To optimize your application, we will review code, analyze crash data, and undertake performance grading.

Swift Upgradation

By hiring Swift programmers from Zazz, your application will stay ahead as it evolves alongside the fast-evolving programming language of Swift.

Porting and Testing

We port your existing app to Swift, allowing it to run on a variety of Apple devices. Furthermore, when you hire Swift programmers for your project, you can also avail of our testing services as our QA staff is well-versed in testing tools and follows best practices to improve your app's performance and troubleshoot any difficulties.

Migration to Swift

Our skilled Swift app developers can easily convert your Objective-C program to Swift, allowing you to migrate your iOS app from your present technology to Swift.

Support and Maintenance

At Zazz, our association with our client doesn't just end at launch. Rather we are a development company that will provide customer support and maintenance services long after project completion. Our maintenance services include but are not limited to reducing downtime, boosting availability, monitoring apps, and resolving any glitches.

Why Customers Choose Us For Swift App Development

Zazz can provide you with flexible and practical solutions that are designed for specific business needs. We've earned several awards for our impeccable apps that focus on user-centric experiences. That's why established international brands and innovative startups trust us.

  • • Extremely Dedicated Team

    By partnering with us, you will gain access to a premium and dedicated Swift app development team, as well as Business Analysts, UI/UX designers, Quality Testers, and Project Managers.

  • • Experienced Developers

    Hire Swift developers from Zazz and avail of our dynamic services. Our team has the best professionals in the industry to ensure our clients get value for their money.

  • • Latest Technology

    We use only the best technology for our applications. Our developers hold experience working with many different softwares and languages and implement technologies that will help your business thrive and attract potential customers.

  • • Customized and Intuitive Solutions

    We create one-of-a-kind apps that are scalable, durable, and, most importantly, secure. We take a customer-centric approach to app development, which enables our clients to avail the most value for their money and ensures they receive a product that is by their enterprise.

Zazz - The Best Place to Hire Swift Programmers

Zazz is your best bet when it comes to building functional and scalable iOS apps. You can hire our Swift developers who bring their experience to the table and employ their knowledge to deliver exceptional solutions. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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