Product Strategy Development

Successful Product Strategy Development Solutions

Zazz is the trusted product strategy development partner helping businesses overcome challenges and make the most of their resources. We have a talented team of business strategists who create dynamic solutions that answer key questions about your products and services. We help our clients draft a clear and well-thought-out product strategy that can add to an organization’s value.

Product Strategy Development

When you entrust our product strategy development agency in the USA with your project, we leave no stone unturned in understanding the problem you’re facing and coming up with solutions that work. We keep all essential factors in mind and create adaptive and innovative strategies that reimagine possibilities and develop impressive digital products.

Our Product Strategy Development Services

Zazz offers a host of product strategy development services in the USA. We help organizations from various industries with all the information they need to go to the market.



Our team is well-versed with product strategy and has helped hundreds of clients worldwide. We understand your vision and conceptualize the product scope to identify the limitations and dependencies of the project.

Analyse the Whole Product

Business Analysis

Our product strategy development team aims to keep you ahead of the competition and gives its best to do the same. You can count on us for research and analysis work to dig deeper and thoroughly understand your business needs.

Defining Product Strategy

Project Roadmap Creation

We specialize in creating a Software Requirements Specification document that specifies functional and non-functional requirements. This document comes in handy to describe user interactions that must be performed.

Quality Control

Persona Development

Identify the target user of the application before you enter the market to minimize risks. We help you create a user persona based on the initial research that is useful for further application development steps.

Product Designing

Product Designing

At Zazz, we follow an iterative design process to create progressively more detailed designs and high-fidelity mockups. Our designers create sketches of possible ideas for workflows, layouts, and interaction.

Market Testing

Market Testing

With market testing, we aim to estimate the success of your application and how the target users will interact with it. We use various tools to perform market testing, which also helps analyze the size of the market.

Why Do You Need Product Strategy Development?

Every business needs a good product strategy because it helps identify achievable goals and minimize risks. With the assistance of our product strategy development company in the USA, businesses can set the direction of their product development and marketing.

We are with you at every step of your software development journey. From concept generation and product roadmapping to technology assessment and team definition, we work with you to turn your ideas into reality by successfully implementing goal-oriented product strategies. Our solutions are designed to achieve one or more long-term business goals. We focus on deciding the best course of action that will produce results aligned with your business objectives. You can bank on us to create plans that will help you achieve impressive results and stay ahead of your competitors.

How Agile Project Management Benefits Your Organisation

Why Choose Our Product Strategy Development Company?

Zazz is a leading product strategy development company in the USA. We are committed to working with our clients for their organizational improvement and helping them overcome challenges with our comprehensive solutions.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of business analysts working towards your organization’s betterment. Our experts specialize in creating dynamic strategies that address organizational needs and deliver a successful product in the market.

Client-Centric Approach

Client-Centric Approach

We take a client-centric approach and focus on achieving what our clients are looking for. Our aim is to unlock real value for our clients and create a product strategy that helps their business grow leaps and bounds.

Service and support

End-to-End Services

Our product strategy development agency in the USA offers 360-degree services to clients around the world. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to address our clients’ strategic and operational challenges and drive business value.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

We follow a transparent process and ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page. We share every minute detail about the project with our clients so that we are able to execute their vision flawlessly.

Key Components of Product Strategy Development

As a reputable product strategy development agency in the USA, our solutions are crafted after careful consideration of all important components of product strategy. So whether you need a strategy for iOS app development or creating a custom mobile app, rest assured that we will craft a well-thought-of plan ready for execution.

We understand that creating a successful product requires attention to detail. That’s why focus on all aspects of software development to ensure your digital product is a success in the market.



At Zazz, we identify and define your target customers so that you can create products that can satisfy them. Then, we create a single customer profile to get insights into who you’re offering your product to.



To ensure the product you’re developing achieves a good return on investment, we create strategies aligned with your business goals. Our aim is to help our clients create a product that increases their profit.



We identify your competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses to offer flawless product strategy development services that can help you get a competitive edge and deliver a product that stands out.

Macro Environment

Macro Environment

Macro environment is the overall conditions that influence your product development, like technology, economy, and industry. We analyze this component that can affect your target customers’ behavior and success possibilities.

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Zazz is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We offer a wide range of software development services, including Android app development and iOS app development.

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Friendly & Cordial in Nature

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Why Choose Zazz for Product Strategy Development?

Zazz is one of the most sought-after names for product strategy development services in the USA. We have a talented team of business analysts and developers who analyze your challenges and create a comprehensive product strategy to boost your sales. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency

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Exceptional Services

Our search for a trusted product strategy development company in the USA ended at Zazz. They offered exceptional services and guided us with every step while clearing our doubts and providing their valuable suggestions. Thank you, Zazz!

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  • Christian Williamson

Helpful Team

Zazz has a helpful team of business analysts and developers who patiently listen to their customers and offer them the best solutions. I am glad I approached them for my project.

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  • Anna Gray


Choosing to work with Zazz turned out to be a game-changer for my business. They have an incredible team and extensive experience. They know the ins and outs of product strategy development.

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Product Strategy

We are a team of business strategists performing our duties as analysts, designers, engineers and project managers. There is no singular process that fits every challenge. People are different, companies are different and business challenges evolve at a rapid pace. Keeping these factors in mind, we have trained ourselves to be adaptive, innovative and agile to re-imagine possibilities and develop revolutionary products.

Project Scope Definition

Team Meeting

We meet with our clients product development team to initiate the beginning of the project, and ascertain the preferences of the product team, understand dependencies and limitations if any.

Communication Protocol

We set communication protocols for file sharing and communication. Our team is well versed with most major communication platforms, and we’re happy to adapt to our clients’ communication for maximum efficiency.

Research & Analysis

We distill our learnings from our initial meeting and dig deeper to thoroughly understand the business needs. At Zazz, we aim to keep our clients ahead of the competition, hence, we leave no stone unturned to find opportunities for radical innovation.

Project Proposal

We estimate a project by aligning these six variables- scope, techniques, schedule, resources, costs, and risks. We send our clients a detailed business proposal with a features list, a milestone plan and a price estimate for approvals and decision making purposes.

Project Roadmap

Project Brief

During this phase, we create a Software Requirements Specification document that specifies functional and nonfunctional requirements, and also a set of use cases that describe user interactions that must be performed. We also assign a dedicated project manager along with an account manager who will act as your main points of contact.

Competitive Analysis

We thoroughly analyse our clients’ competitors to understand their success factors, that we seek to incorporate, and their reasons for failure that we must avoid in order to deliver a world class product.

Persona Development

Personas are documents that describe typical target users of the application. Based upon initial research, this document seeks to create clear descriptions and user habits of the targeted users to define the roadmap for further UX research and conceptualization.

Card Sorting

In this exercise we evaluate information architecture of the application. This process may involve physical cards or online tools used for card sorting to help design the overall structure, navigation labels and development of the UI elements.

Client Feedback & Approval

We follow a collaborative approach towards software development and always keep our clients in the loop about our progress. We know that the key metric for our collective success is executing our clients’ vision flawlessly.

Release of Deliverables

The project management team will deliver the promised deliverables on a shared drive to ensure security and confidentiality.

Product Definition

Requirements & Analysis

Based on the output from the discovery phase, we work to articulate, prioritise and agree upon the requirements for the app design and create the user flows of the application.

User Flow/Storyboards

Our team of analysts create a set of representative user flows and/or storyboards depicting how users will navigate through the application based on the agreed upon app requirements and approved personas.

Client Feedback & Approval

We follow a collaborative approach towards software development and always keep our clients in the loop about our progress. We know that the key metric for our collective success is executing our clients’ vision flawlessly.

Release of Deliverables

The project management team will deliver the promised deliverables on a shared drive to ensure security and confidentiality.

Product Design

Modelling & Ideation

At Zazz, we follow an iterative design process to create progressively more detailed designs and high-fidelity mockups. Our team of designers will generate sketches of possible ideas for workflows, layouts, and interaction. Upon completion of these activities, the project team will evaluate the pros and cons of each design approach, and refine the best design solutions using the best practices of user centered design.


We create wireframes for our applications using tools like Sketch, Photoshop, and Invision along with a few concepts of the high fidelity mockups to create a skeleton of the app that serves as a foundation for the high fidelity mockup design.

High Fidelity Mockups

We design high-fidelity mockups of the app by absorbing the feedback gathered from the discovery, definition and the wireframe stage. At this stage, we incorporate the branding guidelines, add fonts, colors and animation to bring the idea to life.

UX Testing

UX testing is conducted with users from our clients’ targeted user base. We then refine the designs with learnings and feedback from the UX Testing stage, and release the prototype of the application on tools such as Invision and Adobe Xd.

Client Feedback & Approval

We follow a collaborative approach towards software development and always keep our clients in the loop about our progress. We know that the key metric for our collective success is executing our clients’ vision flawlessly.

Release of Deliverables

The project management team will deliver the promised deliverables on a shared drive to ensure security and confidentiality.

Key Components Of Product Strategy

• Document Existing User Workflow and Information Architecture

• Project Brief, Competitive Analysis, Persona Development and Card Sorting.

• Requirements Analysis and User Flow Development

• Conceptual Modelling and Ideation

• User Interface Design iOS and Android Applications

• Testing & Quality Assurance

• Release of the High Fidelity Designs on Prototyping tools

• Maintenance and Support

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