Mobile App Development

In the last decade, mobile apps have positioned themselves as one of the most effective tools for companies, especially in the field of e-commerce. And it is not for less, because the applications facilitate the life of the users, promote the interconnectivity and improve the experience in the acquisition of products and services. In short, the use of apps changed the market dynamics forever. Therefore, the implementation of these systems in business models is a fundamental pillar for the growth of any startup. Zazz has been providing innovative and supreme services here in Atlanta and is regarded one of best agency in the United States.

App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

Our iOS developers can draw on the experience of years of iOS development. We love the challenge and develop native iOS apps with passion. Our iOS app developers are looking forward to every project, no matter whether large or small, simple or complex! Native iOS development must not become a black box. We therefore work quality-conscious and document our iOS apps.

Android App Development

We, Zazz, are a digital agency with a focus on programming Android apps. We offer our services to customers who are looking for a reliable and competent partner for the development of native Android apps in the North American region, but are also available to companies from all over Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a professional agency for Android development. Our Android app developers are very familiar with the technologies required for native Android development such as Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Java, Android Security Architecture, etc. and can thus guarantee a successful project process.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Developers, whose main task should be to implement outstanding app frontends and a smooth user experience, invest the majority of their time in implementing the integration with the backend. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the same solution should often run on different platforms such as iOS, Android and maybe even Windows. The same integration issues are solved several times, partly by different developers. There is a risk that issues such as safety, quality and functional aspects will suffer. Thankfully, Zazz invested in Mobile Backend.

QA and Testing

The variety of hardware and software of mobile devices is called fragmentation - it poses many challenges for app quality assurance. This is where mobile app testing comes into play: This checks whether an application is capable of running under different conditions, and - if so - whether there are difficulties in reproducing the applications. The detection and correction of such abuses should guarantee an optimal user experience for as many users as possible. Because only if an app offers good performance and user-friendliness on as many mobile devices as possible does the application have the greatest possible range.

Our Android App Development Approaches

Native App Development

A native app can be loaded in the store and installed on the smartphone or tablet. Complex projects with a complex user interface that require unrestricted access to the hardware are particularly useful for native app development.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app cannot be described as a pure native app, nor as a pure web app. It is a fusion of the advantages of both worlds - somehow like a marble cake. Hybrid apps are written with native code and HTML5 elements are added at any point. This creates an ideal mix of native and web-based elements.

Mobile App Development

Benefits of mobile applications

Cost effectiveness

The startups require a solid sales strategy to enable business growth and economic sustainability. In this sense, the importance of apps in companies lies in their versatility to generate income and optimize the purchase. With a mobile application you can acquire income through advertising, regular or single subscription, premium services and downloads.

Likewise, different digital methods can be offered to the user to make the purchase quickly, safely and easily. This favors the return of customers and a good flow of sales.

Better positioning

Positioning is a fundamental factor when it comes to promoting young companies. The applications allow working the presence of startups with two tactics.

• Always stay present and accessible on the user's phone, without having to force him to enter the web or third-party servers

• Acquire notoriety in other corners of the internet with a wide audience, such as Google Play stores and Itunes.

Innovation and current affairs

The importance of apps in other aspects of the user experience has already been mentioned, but customization is a significant feature. The applications give the consumer the impression that the service is tailor-made, which facilitates identification with the brand. In this way, companies offer more humanized services and can take the user by the hand during the entire purchase process. This facilitates the transaction or exploration of the product in a close language and with immediate actions.

Startups can use push notifications systems to “talk” with their users about news, content and other relevant topics that maintain interest in the service.

Differential advantage

App downloads increased 8% in 2017 and the sector is projected to continue to boom steadily in the coming years. Although the figures show the potential of these programs, there are still many companies that are reluctant to implement them in their business models, either because they do not know the scope of the apps or because they fear disruptive changes.

In this rant, businesses that dare to experiment with new technologies end up taking the baton of the market, able to obtain a differential advantage compared to companies with traditional models and are positioned in the minds of a new generation of consumers, the millennials.

Best customer service system

Apps also optimize customer service systems. Applications can integrate AI technology to offer immediate and personalized responses, as well as integrate into Customer Relationship Management programs and omnichannel systems.

Extensive user knowledge

Understanding consumer behaviors and needs is an essential job for the growth of new businesses. Mobile applications, in addition to generating benefits in user experience, also provide startups with up-to-date data on customer movements and characteristics. With this information you can improve products and services, assess their quality, as well as make decisions about the direction of the company with greater precision.

Customer retention

Finally, all these benefits of the use of apps by the customer, are reflected in the ultimate goal: customer retention after purchase. Why? If your customer makes a purchase in your e-commerce and does not know you again, it is much more complicated to repeat a purchase since the market is flooded with companies and brands that a priori are similar to yours.

The aforementioned benefits will allow you to customize the user experience, due to the more information you have about it. The result will be to achieve a greater identification of the brand by the user and, therefore, a greater probability that it will make a purchase again, significantly reducing customer acquisition costs.

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